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Italy – In Their Eyes…


We went to Italy for a few weeks this summer with friends…and kids.  And it was a success!  We all love to travel and the kids are game for anything as long as water they can jump in is nearby along with a playground or park with mmmmm gelato (and let’s face it, the devices and their USB chargers are always with a parent in case of emergency!)   The website Ciao Bambino was a great resource too – it had lots of family travel advice – not just to Italy either.  I didn’t plan to take shots like these below, they just started to unfold in front of me while I was hanging back, usually switching lenses, and I got to capture them experiencing Italy for themselves.


Coliseum in Rome






With weekends filled with sports for our two kids, I don’t shoot alot of weddings, although I find them super fun!   I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture images of special friends Stephanie and Ryan’s big day.  It was a lovely setting at Brant Beach Yacht Club in Long Beach Island.   I wish them  all the happiness in the world!

2016_06_SR_Wedding-6 2016_06_SR_Wedding-858 2016_06_SR_Wedding-855 2016_06_SR_Wedding-137 2016_06_SR_Wedding-179 2016_06_SR_Wedding-376










It was a GOOD Day…


for this young lady and her team of nurses as she finished off her chemo treatments.  And it was a good day for me, feeling helpful and hopeful as I worked with Flashes of Hope again creating uplifting portraits of children with cancer.

Voorhees CHOP clinic

Voorhees CHOP clinic


On The Road To Bali


Awesome travels this past year including a special trip to Bali.  Not there nearly long enough but my camera was with me pretty much 24/7.  Here’s just a few from out travels:

2015_05BALI-1436 2015_05BALI-1469 2015_05BALI-1396

2015_05BALI-5552015_05BALI-238-22015_05BALI-13552015_05BALI-1586 2015_05BALI-13642015_05BALI-506  2015_05BALI-562

A School in Bali


I travelled to Indonesia last week. Wonderful trip and lots of great images to share soon. One of the best parts of the trip, tho was a visit to a school in Bali. Sweet, smart kids, who were my own kids’ ages – they sang for us, did traditional Balinese dances and eagerly chatted about all things Western.


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