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Fresh 48 Sessions


I recently had two newborn sessions at Virtua Hospital here in New Jersey.   Called a Fresh 48, this session is so fun – captured right after baby enters the world, meets his parents and joins a family, they were so excited they went to the baby stroller store right away.   One family had twins after teenagers and the other had their fourth joining their already young family.  In both cases, these three sweeties are rocking their family’s world!  Are you interesting in how an audio analyzer work? you can visit this link to learn all about audio analyzer.

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer


Well she isn’t wearing bobby sox but this wedding definitely had that early 50’s vibe going on. From her beautiful dress, veil and sweater to their old fashioned champagne glasses and fantastic dancing, this was a nite to remember and I was thrilled to be able to capture images from Christine and Rob’s wedding at the classic Nassau Inn in Princeton, I even spotted someone with the best pregnancy pillow, New Jersey.  Aren’t these two adorable?

Birds of a Feather…


Stay together!  I love getting to capture images of this family as they grow from year to year.  It doesn’t hurt that these guys can’t take a bad photo, either.  We always have lots of fun and this year got to add their adorable puppy Dexter to the mix, we gift him one of the fur throw pillows.  It was a great late fall day at Barclay Farmstead in Cherry Hill.


Summer In Maine


After finally finishing our renovations with the help of plumbers maitland, we would like to show you our new property! Enjoy the pictures!

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Grandpop’s Wallet



















A few years after high school. my cousin Gwen and I took our first  trip to Europe.  It was wonderful.  And as can happen in  Paris,  I got my wallet stolen… from gypsies… in front of the Louvre.  My travelers checks (remember those?) , Bambergers  credit card (anybody remember that department store??)  and prom photos of my besties…gone, all gone.

The next year, I went to Italy with Gwen and our other cousin Jeannie.  Feeling more the savvy traveller, I brought less with me, including a much smaller wallet.  I found this very soft, rather old black leather one in a drawer.  My mom called it a “billfold” and it had belonged to my beloved Grandpop, who’d passed away a few years before.   I didn’t think much of it, just that it fit nicely in my bag and off we went on our nine day bus tour of Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence.

When we got to Florence, the guide dropped us off at Piazza Santa Croce  and sent us out to shop for what he called “the finest leather in the world”, and where they added 18 caret gold embossing too.  I picked up some leather there  and was glad to check off a few people on my list for souvenirs.   After walking out of the store, I stopped to put my lira away and I noticed the wallet.  I’d totally forgotten about it.    It’s gold embossing was faded but it was just as soft, probably softer, than the leather pieces I  just purchased.  When I opened it, I saw the words “Ennio’s” and “Santa Croce, Florence” on the inside….  I then looked up and saw that I was standing directly in front of a store who’s sign said “Ennio’s” and here I was…in Santa Croce…in Florence… in Italy.  My parents hadn’t been to Italy before, and it hadn’t occurred to me that anyone else might have.  But Grandpop had and he must have been right here.   It felt like a sign – he was watching over us and saying hello.

Well fast forward 30 years and I finally got back to Italy, and Florence.  This time, I was there with my husband and two kids and our friends and their two kids.   After a day of exploring some of the city’s museums and galleries, we sent the husbands and the kids back to the hotel and my friend Gina and I set out to do some real shopping and of course find Ennio’s.   When we got to Santa Croce,  the square looked quite different from my memory –  more open stalls and less nice shops, kind of run down really but still with the beautiful Basilica in the center.  We stopped at a few stores and stalls always asking where is Ennio’s but nobody ever heard of it.   Disappointed, I picked up a few small items and was ready to leave.    But Gina spied a more upscale shop further on – over to the right of the Basilica and suggested we make one more stop.   The sign on the building said Peruzzi but we walked in anyway and I asked the older man at the counter if they knew of  a place called Ennio’s.   The man’s eyes lit up and he declared  “THIS is Ennio’s!”   And I burst into tears.  We were at the end of a long day near the end of our trip.  I’d like to blame it on that, but anybody who knows me,  know I’m ridiculously sentimental.  I babbled to him about the wallet and he brought me to the back of the store where they did the engraving and showed me this strap of leather – the only sign left of Ennio’s. It stood here for many years prior to being bought by the leather house Peruzzi.   He offered the leather piece to me, probably hoping I’d stop crying if I took it.   But I couldn’t. All I could think of was what if one day another person  wandered in and wondered about the store’s past?  I didn’t want to take away the proof.

It was enough to know Grandpop had been in this exact spot,  probably 60 years before and I was here once again –  tracing his footsteps and remembering all the magical times I had growing up, driving to his home every Sunday afternoon and playing with all of our cousins in the back yard.





Italy – In Their Eyes…


We went to Italy for a few weeks this summer with friends…and kids.  And it was a success!  We all love to travel and the kids are game for anything as long as water they can jump in is nearby along with a playground or park with mmmmm gelato (and let’s face it, the devices and their USB chargers are always with a parent in case of emergency!)   The website Ciao Bambino was a great resource too – it had lots of family travel advice – not just to Italy either.  I didn’t plan to take shots like these below, they just started to unfold in front of me while I was hanging back, usually switching lenses, and I got to capture them experiencing Italy for themselves.


Coliseum in Rome






With weekends filled with sports for our two kids, I don’t shoot a lot of weddings, although I find them super fun!   I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture images of special friends Stephanie and Ryan’s big day.  It was a lovely setting at Brant Beach Yacht Club in Long Beach Island.   I wish them  all the happiness in the world! Their wedding was one of the best ones I have attended to, and one of the best ones I’ve the opportunity to shoot.  Ryan and Stephanie had always wanted a big wedding, they wanted to make sure everything was perfect, and let me tell you that the succeed with this wedding, it was just amazing. All the flowers, the decoration, the center pieces, it was all just like a fairy tail. We had lots of fun with the photo booth rental San francisco they got for the wedding, so many memorable fun pictures we took, and the music was amazing, she just searched for country music concerts near me and got a live show from them at  the little carnival they did at the end, definitely a night we will all remember.

2016_06_SR_Wedding-6 2016_06_SR_Wedding-858 2016_06_SR_Wedding-855 2016_06_SR_Wedding-137 2016_06_SR_Wedding-179 2016_06_SR_Wedding-376

It was a GOOD Day…


for this young lady and her team of nurses as she finished off her chemo treatments.  And it was a good day for me, feeling helpful and hopeful as I worked with Flashes of Hope again creating uplifting portraits of children with cancer.

Voorhees CHOP clinic

Voorhees CHOP clinic


On The Road To Bali


Awesome travels this past year including a special trip to Bali.  Not there nearly long enough but my camera was with me pretty much 24/7.  Here’s just a few from out travels:

2015_05BALI-1436 2015_05BALI-1469 2015_05BALI-1396

2015_05BALI-5552015_05BALI-238-22015_05BALI-13552015_05BALI-1586 2015_05BALI-13642015_05BALI-506  2015_05BALI-562

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