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Toy Story…


An amazing thing happened the other day – first my 8 year old son won an Ipod Touch at a birthday party…playing the Claw in an arcade…can’t believe they were actually giving one away, and can’t believe you could win anything with the Claw…(remember Toy Story?) After he played with it for his allotted time, an […]

Getting them healthy, keeping them happy.


Here’s some recent work I’ve done with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  CHOP is one of the premier children’s hospitals in the country.  I’m happier to work with them, than to visit patients there, but if they’ve got to go somewhere – this must be the place.

San Fran and Sonoma…with kids.


We take our kids everywhere, including a quickie trip to San Fran and Sonoma.   Just gotta hit diners along with wineries.  And of course the Redwoods and the Sea Lions!  We even threw in an earthquake which they slept thru.  Be safe out there,  Cali friends…  

Cayman Sam…


I had one of those underwater disposable cameras from a trip to the Caymans last fall and I never processed it, figuring I’d get around to it and the pics couldn’t be that good. But happy surprise, loving this shot of my kids – that’s my daughter’s arm back there….!

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