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Cayman Sam…


I had one of those underwater disposable cameras from a trip to the Caymans last fall and I never processed it, figuring I’d get around to it and the pics couldn’t be that good. But happy surprise, loving this shot of my kids – that’s my daughter’s arm back there….!

Retirement Website…


Below are some screenshots from a website I shot for.  These folks were so fun and relaxed – a pleasure to spend time with.  And I found out, one of these bathing beauties has a son who lives in my neighborhood – small world!

At 6 months…


I did this shoot this morning and couldn’t help posting right away.  What a sweetie!  While the first pose is perfect.  I do love the 2nd less “perfect” one – a lil spit up on his arm, starting to get cranky look and mom hauling uncooperative sister in the background!  

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