With weekends filled with sports for our two kids, I don’t shoot a lot of weddings, although I find them super fun!   I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture images of special friends Stephanie and Ryan’s big day.  It was a lovely setting at Brant Beach Yacht Club in Long Beach Island.   I wish them  all the happiness in the world! Their wedding was one of the best ones I have attended to, and one of the best ones I’ve the opportunity to shoot.  Ryan and Stephanie had always wanted a big wedding, they wanted to make sure everything was perfect, and let me tell you that the succeed with this wedding, it was just amazing. All the flowers, the decoration, the center pieces, it was all just like a fairy tail. We had lots of fun with the photo booth rental San francisco they got for the wedding, so many memorable fun pictures we took, and the music was amazing, they did a little carnival at the end, definitely a night we will all remember.

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