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Joan Ford Photography

A couch is never just a couch…


in our house.  With little kids running around,  everything’s up for grabs.  One day, I’ll reclaim the house; paint and redecorate.  But for now,  the couch doubles as a parking lot, toys never stay in their bins for long and while sometimes I want to scream, I do marvel at their play (and get a […]

Yep, it’s Earth Day


Okay, as many have pointed out, my laundry room is hardly ever this empty and clean.  But we do recycle and the kids think it’s pretty cool.  (til they realize I’m not keeping every single one of their masterpieces from school….)

I Believe in Santa and…


mistletoe, magic, the inherent goodness of people, vacations, blueberries, that we CAN last a day without our technology   (couldn’t find my Iphone all day today),  karma, hiking, fresh air  (real and on npr),   and that it’s possible not to gain 5 lbs during the holidays!

Shots with Santa…


Tis the season to have your family photos done with Santa (if you’re so inclined).  As many know, this photo op can go either way.  Glad my kids are at an age when they’ll probably not be scared of the Jolly Old Fellow.  Here I am, back in the day.  Two out of three smiling […]

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