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Fresh 48 Sessions


I recently had two newborn sessions at Virtua Hospital here in New Jersey.   Called a Fresh 48, this session is so fun – captured right after baby enters the world, meets his parents and joins a family, they were so excited they went to the baby stroller store right away.   One family had twins after teenagers […]



I’m about to send out my latest promo card (shown here) and realizing I’ve neglected to update you on my cameras and where they live.  Here are two old friends:  Mamiya RZ67s which I used for much of my advertising and editorial work back in the (film) day.   Never got digital backs for them, couldn’t […]

Argus Seventy Five – my first love


Now residing in my office, here’s the Argus Seventy Five.  Only made from 1949 to 1958, it belonged to my Mom or Dad.  I wish I could ask them about it.  All I remember was I loved carrying it around on my neck.  Here I am wearing it with my brother Mike,  and another classic, […]

Canon 5D – the everyday workhorse


Canon’s 5D is always in the office, it’s the camera I choose for most assignments.  Favorite lenses are the 17-35 and the 85 1.8.  I’ll start every a shoot with one of them.  The little red thing is a clown nose – never know when I’ll need that to loosen up a subject…

Cambo 4×5 – at f 32, waiting…for the children to get off the bus.


I got this from a studio photographer I used to assist in the ’90s.  He was closing his studio to open up a restaurant (trying to find a harder way to make a buck?)  Anyway I used it to shoot product in the old days and only some portraiture.  I know I ought to dust […]

My Cameras (and where they live)


I’ve got cameras all over the house, old ones, film ones, ones I’ve never used and ones I doubt I’ll pick up again. Like the island of misfit toys, they stand, waiting.   Let me show them to you.  Maybe this will inspire me to pick a few up again (there is still film and precious […]

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